Architecture: Healing Stay KOSMOS

Are there any other words to describe this futuristic looking resort other than WOW?!??

Situated on a volcanic island off the coast of Korea, this luxury resort was built for people to relax and rejuvenate, ultimately healing them in the serenity of the remote island. 

Architect Chanjoong Kim from The System Lab, designed a 'container of energy' which was inspired by the celestial swirl of stars and planets above. The curvaceous composition of the building follows the movements of the sun and moon with its seashell-like swirling form.  Kim took the inspiration of Taoist's concept of the five elements - wood, earth, fire, water and metal which represent the dynamic energy in our world, incorporating them into a different space of the resort. In these spaces one element is identified as their corresponding planet - Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Mars and Venus. 

Oh how I'd love to spend a weekend here!

Mannon Struk