Interiors: Refreshing your bedroom in three different looks.

Every time I walk into my bedroom I see things that I want to change and update. I'm constantly inspired by new ranges of designer decor, fresh new bed linen, and trendy colour palettes. 

In this blog post I'll show you three ways you can freshen up your bedroom. Whether you love the raw style of Scandinavian design, bold & glam decor that oozes luxuriousness, or an art inspired/colour filled space that keeps you forever inspired - I have got you covered!


Dreamy Scandinavian interiors feature raw materials, pastel hues of monochromes and minimal colour. Scandinavian design is all about adding a nature-inspired element to the space while keeping it feminine and balanced. 


Bold & Glam

Rich, lush textures mixed with moody palettes.  

Do you love a more pared down aesthetic? Something a little dramatic, edgy, and reminiscent of a masculine sensibility? If so, then this is the room for you!



Are you inspired by the works of Picasso or Stephen Ormandy? Maybe you feel most comfortable in a space full of colour, or that features an exciting wallpaper. 

Featuring strong lines and a predominantly neutral colour palette, injecting colour through the addition of textiles, art and antique accessories, your space can be completely transformed. 

Make sure you check out Kelly Wearstler's LA home - you'll love!